Rallyday 1st July 2023


This year we had a change of date, July instead of September. A wise choice from the organisers to guarantee sunny weather for the public, the track participants and Club stands.

The organisers had allocated us a good area to display our cars which we had booked months in advance.  We had variety: MB, WR, original Tornado SWB, Dialynx SWB, TTS etc.



The great Stig Blomqvist had been invited by the Rallyday organisers. It all started on the stage with a very informative and friendly chat with the host. As soon as Stig found out we had quattros, he came to see us. We all had quite a few questions to ask and he was more than willing to answer. Stig did also talk about his relationship with Audi when he was rallying the quattro and became World Champion. He actually spent quite a long time with us and we were very grateful for his time. By popular demand, he proceeded to sign several cars and T-Shirts.


No doubt these signatures will add extra power and performance, 100% guarantee.


On 29th July Stig celebrated his 77th birthday? Stig was absolutely on top form, you wouldn’t know he was born in 1946, no doubt driving nice cars keeps you young.

As always, our cars were very popular with the public taking endless pictures of all ours cars.

No doubt rally cars do pull in the crowds and will continue to do so as long as they use petrol and make loads of noise on track.