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qOC Membership - Join The quattro Owners Club

Joining the quattro Owners Club is easy!  The current fee is only £40.00. 

Click HERE to use the new on-line joining form

From the 1st of July 2017 we are introducing 2 Special Offers to join the qOC (click to download appropriate pdf application form):

1.  Until 31st December 2017: £20.00 only.

2.  Until 31st December 2018 (i.e. 18 months): £55.00.

In both cases, the fee is for the colour newsletter by e-mail.  Please see the 2 application forms for exact details.

For further information about joining the club, simply e-mail the Membership Secretary - Salvador Valiente - at to find out more. 

Join the quattro Owners Club today and you’ll receive:

  • Monthly National Club Newsletter giving National and Area news
  • National & Area news - details of all current Overseas, National & Area Club activities.
  • Technical Toolbox - expert advice for any queries you may have
  • quattro Showroom - largest up to date listing of quattros For Sale, not only in the Newsletter, but globally via the Club website.
  • Forum Membership - automatic membership of the quattro Owners Club Forum, to exchange news, views and opinions with your fellow Club members!
  • Discounted Genuine Audi spares -through a specified Audi Dealership, the Club offers a selection of genuine Audi 'Discounted Spares' with up to 70% discount in addition to a selection of quality New and Used Spares and Services from recognised quattro specialists.
  • Discounted quattro Insurance Policies - wide selection of Limited Mileage and Agreed Value policies from a number of creditable Insurance Brokers and Companies which in many cases can reduce your existing insurance premiums by as much as £300 per year.
  • Membership card and Windscreen sticker- entitlement to obtain Club Special Offers and Discounts
  • Audi UK & Joint Club Events - National meetings held in conjunction with Audi UK & other Audi Clubs.
  • Area meetings - there are currently 12 Areas throughout the UK with regular meetings for members to attend, socialise and exchange ideas, technical problems and solutions!

We also provide a stimulating Regional and National Events Calendar, for all members and their families. Members are invited to attend and share their love of the quattro, as well as learn more about how to keep your quattro on the road.