Manx Classic - Details released

We asked Phil Short to look at the particulars for the 2012 Manx Classic on the Isle of Man. We'd be hoping to get about 6-7 Quattros at the event. Phil managed to get a breakdown of the costs, and although it is a bit pricey we think it would make a really great weekend for all our members.

The costs, for 2 people, are as follows:

  • Competition Licence: £41
  • Manx MRC membership: £10
  • Entry Fees (based on 3 days of events): £360
  • 4 nights hotel, 3 star: £220 per person
  • Car Ferry: £69
  • Fuel in Isle of Man: £50 (not including mainland fuel)
  • Food and Drink, 4 days: £100
  • Prizegiving Dinner: £20

We've estimated that the cost for 2 people travelling together comes in at over £1,000. Bear in mind that you will also need £450 to buy a helmet, gloves and other neccessary safety equipment. Whilst this might be quite a stretch for some of our members, we do think that it would be a really great event for those who might have done a bit of competition already.

The club will still offer prizes for 1-make car clubs, so long as they get 5 or more entries from that marque.

If you think you can make it, please contact Mike Turner on his mobile 07966 506 534 or email him at